Parents that have used our services are very pleased with the quality and standards of our equipment

“It was a great decision to hire the bassinet from ‘Bassinet and More Perth’. My baby enjoyed this safe environment in hospital and it was wonderful to provide the same environment at home.

It was handy to move around the house, and next to my bed with all the changing items underneath the bassinet. I also hired the capsule and both were delivered to my door! - Thank you Bibi.”
— Dr Catherine Harris, Obstetrician & mother of 3
“Using a baby capsule for the first three months of my third baby’s life was wonderful convenience, for saving time, ease of maneuvering about (outside the car) and not messing the baby around when i needed to be in and out of the car quickly. It made my older children’s school drop-offs a dream!

Hiring the capsule through Bibi was also stress-free and convenient. Given that capsule is used for a relatively short time, it is not worth going through the hassle and expense of buying a new one. With the flexibility of pick up and return dates, it was great to know the capsule would be available when i needed it, and that i could keep it for exactly the amount of time that suited me and my baby.”
— Wendy Giraudo, Engineer & mother of 3
“Thank you so much Bibi the bassinet has been invaluable as we settled into life as a family of 3. Living in a 3 story townhouse, to have a bassinet on wheels which was light and easy to manoeuvre has been fantastic. We also loved how we could watch our precious bundle sleeping”
— Anna Kooy, mother of 3
I hired a basinet for both my second and third daughters and found them to be very useful. It was great to be able to wheel our girls from the living area to the bathroom for nappy changes. From their rooms for daytime sleeps and to our room for night time sleeps.

Newborn babies are tiring for shoulders and backs and having a basinet at the right height makes lie just a little easier. Bibi drops off and collects the basinets once you have had your baby and know when you are coming home which means one less job to worry about. Thank you!
— Karrinyup mother of 3
As a full time father I found the bassinet simple and stress free to use.

The days after delivery my wife and I were very sleep deprived and it was great that Bibi delivered the bassinet to my home, the same day of my request.
— Rob Holmes, Crawley father of 1
I highly recommend using Bassinets & More Perth. I was able to pick a bassinet up from the airport as I live in Karratha. The bassinet was excellent for my 2 year old daughter to watch her younger brother sleep and bath. Thank you for an excellent service!
— Bethney Lewin, Karratha mother of 2