Are the bassinets the same as in the hospital?

Yes, they are exactly the same. The bassinets have a stainless steal frame, wheel breaks, a mattress and two trays for storage. 

Can I pay by credit card?

Unfortunately right now we are only using Paypal through our website. We also accept bank transfers or cash on delivery. Contact us for bank details if you wish to pay through a bank transfer.

Are the bassinets safe and clean?

All our equipment is purchased brand new. After each use, all the equipment is checked and cleaned. 

Can I extend my hire?

Absolutely. Having the largest fleet in Perth, there is not a waiting list for our bassinets. Call or email us and we will arrange an extension.

Can I travel with the bassinet?

Yes, in fact the bassinets are perfect for travelling families. We can deliver bassinets to the airport for a small fee of $25. If your travel plans change, an extension can be arranged easily.

What if my baby comes early?

No problems. Call or email us as soon as possible and we will make arrangements to get the bassinet delivered to you earlier. 

What happens if the equipment gets damaged or stolen?

If the equipment gets damaged or stolen we will have to charge you for the cost to repair or replace the item. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for hire.